Product Names: Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, 7, 8, 10 or Vista 32 bit Access 2000 or later (Access 2003 preferred). Access Whiz Option B - ANETVB85 (v2.12.0428) Access Whiz Option H - ANETVC85 (v2.8.0428) Function: Microsoft Access To VB/VC# .NET Converter for Windows Applications Operating Systems: Required Software: ANETVB85/ANETVC85 is a time-saving Access to VB/VC# .NET Windows application conversion tool. It will generate VB/VC# .NET projects with easy, readable code and minimize your conversion efforts and costs. The ANETVB85/ANETVC85 converts Access to VB/VC# .NET Windows applications. It converts Access form controls including label, text box,list box, combobox, option group, check box, command button, option button, toggle button, bound object frame, image, tab,page, subform, unbound object frame, line and rectangle. It also converts in-form/module VBA code to VB .NET code. It allows you to select target data connection from OleDB - Jet 4.0/ACE 12.0 , OleDB - SQL Server, OleDB - Oracle, OleDB - IBM AS/400, OleDB - Sybase ASE, SqlClient - SQL Server, SqlClient - via IP Address, ODBC - {DNS}, ODBC- Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb), ODBC - SQL Server}, ODBC - MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver}, ODBC - Sybase System 11, ODBC - Microsoft ODBC for Oracl}, OracleClient - Oracle11g and OracleClient - Oracle12g. The converter will generate all the code required by the Windows Form Designer and necessary XML Schema Definition files. It handles single and continuous forms. Now your Access reports or converted Crystal Reports can be accessed through the generated DoCmdOpenReport routine via one of our provided viewers. Product Description: MICROTOOLS, P.O. Box 2502, Santa Clara, CA 95055-2502, USA ** products and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. ANETVB85/ANETVC85 will convert your existing Access to VB/VC# .NET Windows applications which will allow you to debug, package and deploy. It also allows you to take advantage of .NET technology. If you decide to convert your Access to VB .NET then this is definitely the tool for you. Please visit website at and try the latest trial downloads. Single computer license with one year updates - $169.00/ As low as $60.00 boundle with other options Trial Demo: Pricing: .NET Framework SDK Installed The above subform was converted from an Access form by ANETVBF